Cali.1: LA Beach

California Trip
My brother and I embarked on a 9 day trip in California during the end of May 2017. We started in LA.

Day 1
My brother and I landed in LAX and drove to our hotel in Santa Monica. Then we took an uber to Venice downtown. We walked through the Venice canals, and then walked a few miles along the beach from “Muscle Beach” in Venice all the way to Santa Monica Pier. The sun set during the end of the walk by the pier, but my favorite part of this was how active and lively the people were along the. Along the 3 miles we walked, people were working out at muscle beach, playing beach volleyball, rugby, basketball, biking, skateboarding with their dog, rollerblading, etc. I loved the energy. Below is a map of our walk, and a group of photos taken during the day, of course.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.31.04 AM

Venice Canal Historical District

Walk from Venice to Santa Monica

On the Santa Monica Pier

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