Parents Appreciation (Avengers Endgame Trailer)

I was a volunteer youth group counselor at my church between 2014-2019, working with junior high students. Every year, the youth group held a “Parents Appreciation Night” where various small groups present something for the parents to say thank you. I always enjoyed working with the kids to make something creative and fun. In 2019, we were short in time, so we made a quick parody of the Avengers: Endgame trailer. The kids were willing to participate in this video by recording video & audio voiceovers with me last minute.

My youth group experience was a great one, and my heart will always have a place for youth students. I really enjoyed the kids’ enthusiasm, and the projects I were able to work on with them were always really fun and rewarding to do. A huge thank you to the YouTube channel Film Learnin for the title card template.

Sky Blue: Social Media

As a graphic design intern, I’m often tasked with various graphic and video content for the team’s social media page.  Below are few examples.

Giving Tuesday GIFs

made by Matthew Lau for Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation
GIFs made with Adobe After Effects & Instagiffer

After completing my undergraduate studies, I volunteered for a non-profit called DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation. I created these GIFs for a social media Giving Tuesday campaign.

Giving Tuesday 3 Weeks Away

Copy of ThankYou_GenericGIF_Giving_Tuesday_1

logo and branding belong to DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation

VBS Nine-Nine

August, 2018
Software used: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro.

[from the same project as VBS Montana (inspired by Hannah Montana)]

During the first week of August, 2018, I had a chance to work with a few students to perform live-action skits for over 200 people at our church’s vacation Bible School. I made a version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s intro with them, and it was a great learning tool to advance my After Effects skills.

NOTE: followed a tutorial by @notiansans (YouTube Channel: Learn How To Edit Stuff):
Adobe After Effects Tutorial – Brooklyn 99 Intro

News 12 New Jersey

Some of the most exciting moments of my career so far has taken place while working as a graphic artist for the local news network: News 12 New Jersey. I was assigned to create on-air graphics & animated maps for live newscasts during various on-call shifts, either 4:00am – 1:00pm, or 2:00pm – 11:00pm. Working for a live television news channel meant always being prepared to do things last-minute. A director or producer could request something at any time.

Please check out a small sample of my work, made for and broadcast on live TV, below. 

Fullscreen Monitors

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Bullet Points

I was requested by a producer to create a package of graphics that showed the official FBI document (scanned) in the background. I took inspiration from how John Oliver’s graphic team shows quotes over his shoulder during his comedy show, “Last Week Tonight” on HBO.

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inspiration from “Last Week Tonight” on HBO

VBS Logo Design


Every year, our church has a large Vacation Bible School event that has over 200 kids in attendance. This year, we are making our own theme and material, so I designed this logo and banner below.

VBS18 Website Banner (rccc org) new font.png

Easter egg: the large cross in the logo is an homage to the steeple at our church (pictured below).

This logo above is designed with our church’s steeple, pictured here, in mind.

FitKit Packaging

by Matthew Lau

During this past winter I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation, a non profit that creates curriculums and programs to give high schoolers financial education. Their curriculum, called the “FitKit”, consisted of 16+ spiral-bound notebooks and I was tasked with the job of designing a package for it. Below is my design: a roll end box with locking cover as well as a magazine holder inside.

FitKit Box LayoutFitKit Magazine Holder