Parents Appreciation (Avengers Endgame Trailer)

I was a volunteer youth group counselor at my church between 2014-2019, working with junior high students. Every year, the youth group held a “Parents Appreciation Night” where various small groups present something for the parents to say thank you. I always enjoyed working with the kids to make something creative and fun. In 2019, we were short in time, so we made a quick parody of the Avengers: Endgame trailer. The kids were willing to participate in this video by recording video & audio voiceovers with me last minute.

My youth group experience was a great one, and my heart will always have a place for youth students. I really enjoyed the kids’ enthusiasm, and the projects I were able to work on with them were always really fun and rewarding to do. A huge thank you to the YouTube channel Film Learnin for the title card template.

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