Happy Labor Day! (Post 5 of 5 in 16 Days)

NOTE: It seems I ultimately gave up on the 5 posts in 5 days… but at least I did three in a row! failure

For my first two years of college, Labor Day was simply the last day of summer. This year, Labor Day fell on the 9/7, and Rutgers has already started classes for just about a week. A refreshing three-day-weekend to start off the summer.

Another bonus, my older brother Tim came home this weekend from NYC! Ultimately this year’s three day weekend became a weekend with the family 🙂

My brother, my godbrother (Josh) and I have been playing tennis together for over 8 years now (since I was in middle school). Since my brother lives in the city, we don’t get to play with him as often. But we were able to get together and play this morning! Losing king of the hill = taking my camera and messing around with it.

I used my Sony A57 and my favorite 35mm F1.8 lens for these:

Same settings for the tennis pictures coming up; all were taken in 100 ISO because the sunlight was so bright today. I used a steady aperture of f/2.0 for a shallow-er depth of field (I tried to make the background as blurry as possible). 35mm, since it’s a fixed prime lens (no zoom). Lastly, because of how bright it was, I was able to use a shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second to be able to get a frozen still of the ball, as well as Josh/Tim moving around.

LaborDay (1 of 5) LaborDay (2 of 5) LaborDay (3 of 5)

Josh is a fellow Rutgers student with me, but he’s a huge Tenn, Vols fan!

LaborDay (4 of 5)

Also, family weekends at home means my mom’s amazing cooking! Baozi 🙂

LaborDay (5 of 5)

35mm  f/2.0  ISO 400  1/160 sec

Happy Labor Day everyone! 🙂